omg where did you get those glasses???

i got it from a store near my house, but i saw a girl on tumblr with almost the same glasses and she bought hers on Etsy :)

I think you need to reevaluate your life

no, thanks 


Because Iggy is a queen


what are your favorite aesthetic blogs?

nsfw, cute, pale, pastel and b&w blogs :)

Sup bitche


*gives you a hug* Would you send this to the first ten people on your dash to keep it going? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

aww cutie ♥

do u think Jihyun deserves the leader position? I used to like her a lot, but now I see that she has no power or potential as a leader, 4minute's new song only has few lines for her. I realize her singing isn't that good either, Gayoon is the one who lead the director, fashion sense and it seems like Gayoon fits the leader role better, I do know that 4minute love each other a lot, and they wouldn't mind who is the leader, but just saying from perspective

I’ve been following 4minute since debut, I realized that her way to lead 4minute is that she let them (Hyuna, Sohyun, Jiyoon and Gayoon) take the front line, she’s the one who’s in the back supporting them. And you know, being in the front line will expose you to the public, you get vulnerable and fragile with everything the public says about you. 

Jihyun is the one the girls will trust to go there and cry. Jihyun is the one who will stop any type of disagreement between the girls. Jihyun is the one that comfort them when they got in controversies. 

4minute always says Jihyun is the sweet heart of the group. What you get form this? Jihyun is like a “mother” for them. She takes care of them. She listens to their problems. Jihyun said Sohyun asked her how it is to kiss a guy. Can you see how much they trust her? The leader needs to be someone with a big heart, and Jihyun got it.

So, yes. I think Jihyun deserves the leader position. 

Hey hottie

hello oppa

is it zico lol

no lol

why what did u say

it is from facebook on a brazilian page, they posted a video of a well-known korean rapper (he’s from a famous boy group) and the lyrics were about sex and referring to woman as a prostitute

 won’t say anything here because i don’t want to start a war and i’m too lazy to read that bla bla bla and reply them zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wish you a merry christmas love ~ ♡

I have friends who are really good to me whenever I near them, now that i had gone for study abroad, they stopped talking to me. I can tell that they are still online everyday but they just dont talk or ask me anything like we were used to when we close to each other. But when ever I came back they will always talk to me and be friendly again. If I go study abroad they would stop talking to me. Is that true friendships ?? im confused and sad

Maybe they think you’re too busy studying… Try to start the conversation, ask them the news and talk to them normally, maybe they realize that you’re able for chatting even if you’re studying abroad… :)

awh sweet! too bad ):

don’t worry i’ll survive just like beyoncé 

you don't have to be physically with someone! I'll be with you in spirit or thoughts:)

I would appreciate to have you with me everyday omg ♥

Awh it is okay, love. Know that, like me, I'm out here valuing you and loving you. Please don't be sad. This will pass. You might think you don't have real friends right now but someday you will find them. A lot of things take time so don't stop believing! You also have us, your followers. Cheer up :) a lovely person like you doesn't deserve to be sad!

Thank you very very much, this is very cute~ It’s been a while since the last time I read/heard something like this. But you know, being alone is very sad… but I think I’m used to it tbh… anyway, thank you very much ♥